Corporate Profile and Strategy

Zamanco Minerals Limited (formerly Atticus Resources Limited) was admitted to the Official List of the ASX Limited in October 2007.


In February 2012, the acquisition of Zamanco Holdings Limited, a company with interests in manganese projects in Zambia, was completed and the Company name was changed from Atticus Resources Limited to Zamanco Minerals Limited.


As a result of the general resources outlook and difficult operating environment experienced by the Company, the proposed Serenje Manganese Project in Zambia was subsequently discontinued and the Company began a structural wind down of the venture.


Zamanco's primary objective is currently to identify and evaluate a potential business opportunity suitable to become the major undertaking of Company.


Business opportunities across a range of sectors have been considered and evaluated.


None of the opportunities to date have proved to be of sufficient merit to progress further. This process remains very active and is ongoing.


Suspension from Official Quotation

The Company's shares were suspended from trading on the ASX on 27 September 2016. Zamanco remains an ASX listed entity and must still comply with the continuous disclosure obligations of the ASX and will continue to release ASX announcements as and when required pursuant to the ASX Listing Rules. Provided the Company is able to recommence operations of a level adequate to justify, in the opinion of the ASX, quotation of Zamanco's securities in the future, Zamanco will be able to again seek quotation of its shares.





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